Frequently Asked Questions!

Q1.) What kind of payments do you accept for online sales?

A1.) We accept many types of payment modes, depending on your location.

Local Singapore - You can pay via normal ATM bank transfers (our account number would be sent upon order confirmation) or local bank cheque in Singapore dollars. ATM bank transfer is probably the most convenient way for local buyers. However, our strongest recommendation for you is to swing by our store locaton if u are in town. Nothing beats visiting a hobby shop to interact and to check out the vast varieties of goodies that are not "tangible" online. The day when all the hobby shops closed is the day modellers would suffer. Simple as that!

Overseas - With the maturity of internet, Paypal is one of the popular way well known to everyone. However, we need to add 5% commission for this type of payment. We preferred instead Western Union remittances as this has become very common in many countries. If you have no access to both Paypal and Western Union in your country, then bank draft is the next choice, please do take note that we can only accept bank draft denominated in Singapore dollars. In the last resort, we would accept bank transfer (t/t remittance) in Singapore dollars. Unfortunately, we cannot absorb the bank charges for any incoming t/t payment, thus this is a rather expensive payment method that we would like our customers to avoid at all costs.

Q2.) Can we pick up our online orders from your store since we are nearby?

A2.) No. The reason is simple, we have different strategy for both online and shop operations, and by allowing customers who purchased online to walk in and pick up, we damage our retail operations structure. All online transactions would be shipped out accordingly.

Q3.) Can we exchange on mis-ordered items?

A3.) Unfortunately, all orders are final upon full payment. Please take extra care to double check on your required items and the qty required.