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Past updates for May 2009


31st May 2009 @ Sunday


  Yesterday was a hectic day because everyone we knew came by for their last purhcases to put their final hope for their lucky chances!

We would commerce our Grand Lucky Draw starting today @1500 hrs.

Good Luck to all those who have a chance in this Draw of the Singapore Modelling Lifetime!


28th May 2009 @ Thursday


  Everyone we know love to build at least one RSAF Viper this lifetime. It doesn't matter if it is a single or twintubber from RSAF 140 SQN, 143 SQN or even the latest 145 SQN with BLK 52+ (F-16I Sufa in disguise). All you need is ONE set of Zotz's "48-016 Vivacious Vipers #2", and you can choose your favourite version! 

 We would be giving away some of our "48-016 Vivacious Vipers #2" FOC^ on our coming GRAND DRAW DAY!


^Details for the FOC decal would be only available in-store.


24th May 2009 @ Sunday


A quick reminder for those who are betting on their luck for the Grand Draw, there are couple more days to pin your final chances!  


20th May 2009 @ Wednesday


As an appreciation of our gratitude to those who came and purchased, we like to offer to those who came by yesterday to come forward and claim your complimentary deal. Yep, the above latest 1/48 Kinetic Model "RSAF F-16D" @ S$29.90 nett. 

Please email us on how you can claim this complimentary deal!


19th May 2009 @ Tuesday


Today's THE DAY. WE ARE 10! Come on by as we would stretch our operating hours till 2100hrs. Why?

There is a perfect deal for everyone! Whether you have been our good supporters for the past 10 years or not, it doesn't matter!

There is only ONE "10TH ANNIVERSARY" from us for this lifetime. We like every Singapore based modellers to be entitled one complimentary deal from us!    


17th May 2009 @ Sunday


Another few blinks and it would be our actual 10th Year in business! STORMFEST 09 has been very well received to this date since the official spinoff in February. Some tried their luck and have one chance this end of May for the Grand Draw, some spent over thousands to ensure they maximize their chances, and some just took the opportunity to get the discounts off their favourite items. But all have the same question to us!

"What stormdomain gonna do on the actual day?"

Definitely something CRAZY enough for you to remember the rest of your modelling lifetime!