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Past updates for May 2007


31st May 2007 @ Thursday

"To the Infinity & Beyond"

Infinity Offer

Vesak Day is today, and from today till 10th Jun 2007, we like to offer a special trade-in deal for our invited friends and customers in our private forum community. Please login for more details.

If you do own one of the Harder & Steenbeck airbrushes purchased direct thru us, but you are not in the forum, please do contact us and we shall offer also to you, since you did chose to believe in our Harder & Steenbeck quality and support!

Limited Infinity 2-in-1 sets would be allocated, and first come, first served. If you are still not a H&S user, maybe time to reconsider. Face it, you probably never get this kind of value returns and backup from your ordinary airbrush suppliers here in Singapore...


30th May 2007 @ Wednesday

"Ultra Infinity "


We are proud to announce the two latest Harder & Steenbeck (H&S) airbrushes available in stock!

H&S Ultra series is a completely new design to cater to budgeted modellers in mind. With a very low price pegged and the usual local 24-month warranty against manufacturing defects with 100% spare parts support, this is the best value airbrush for you.

On the other hand, users of our H&S Evolution/Evolution Silverline series would be excited to re-discover the launch of the New Infinity Series. This new series not only defined new standards in design, it also offers intelligent functions and ergonomic excellence.

Well, if looks can kill again, these two deserved a note here! Remember to check them out the next round you visit us!


29th May 2007 @ Tuesday

"Pro Art Models"


A new shipment of the latest and popular items from Pro Art Models has been received. Among the hot items restocked is PAU-35022 US SF Dumvee conversion set which was shown here under the magical hands of Hugo Lutyen. If looks can kill, this is one of ours top ten list! We would reveal another two of our top ten list here soon...

Our private forum community has since been up with a couple of our close friends and customers invited. Please accept our sincere apologies that this forum is not open or available to the public as it was never meant to be. Thank you for your kind understanding!


17th May 2007 @ Thursday

"Battle of the letter G"

DAK Color Set

Ever heard from armour modellers on their frustations to get the right colour mix for WW2 German schemes? The answer is here today.

A rather new Japan manufacturer, Gaianotes that has been making waves in domestic market recently launched their 2nd special AFV colour set designed for Deutsches Afrikakorps (DAK) schemes. The first set was designed for 3 tones WW2 German camo patterns. All colours are based on actual German RAL standard.

As all Gaianotes colours are formulated with thinker viscosity in packing, the actual usage cost per bottle can be stretched/thinned up to 4 times when used in sprayed mode. Thus making Gaianotes catching on like a wild fire in Japan community!


Gunze GX

With the massive blitz by Gaianotes in the backyard, Gunze Hobby also did their "counter attack" to defend their market share with their new GX Series. This new series is designed to give better covering power and colour vibrancy. Best of all, they come in 18ml bottle.