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Past updates for March 2007


28th March 2007 @ Wednesday

"The Departed"

Sufa departed

A very last minute photo shoot was done to the Sufa model prior to the unexpected sales (without proper lighting setup), and attached here is one of the cool images to let those who did not managed to catch it face-to-face to have a good look. Enjoy!


24th March 2007 @ Saturday

"Iconical Facelift"

Face it, if the last logo you designed was in 2002, it is not going to keep up with time! We fumbled again with PSP (not that Sony Portable) and finally sweat it out with our new logo after a couple of aborted re-designs...


We hope you would like the new logo as much as we do. We have come a long way from complete hibernation to regaining faster paces to continue developing this new site to the fullest. Definitely, there are a lot more to come, keep checking back.

On the other hand, we have also decided to raise the level one notch higher on the user's requirement, this site would only support IE 7.0 @ minimum 1280x1024 screen resolution with our recommended font installed in your computer.


21st March 2007 @ Wednesday

"OMG! sufa ROCKS!"

Sufa ROCKs!
Sufa Really ROCKs!
Sufa really really really ROCKs!
Just ROCK it!

Sheesh, how should we even begin? Our good old friend, "CKW" was fantastic and proved to be one of the local super modelling dude again and again!

The level of details and efforts spent here is nothing but amazing! This is the first time an aircraft feels like a tank to me. Where are all the sexy streamline cuts for this Viper? Bumps, blisters, CFTs, boxy spine & massive 600-gallon tanks etc made this looked really unflyable!

NO, we are not planning to put all the images here! You guys have to come down to stormdomain to take a good look at this beauty. Sorry, but pics would not be worthy this round!

Oh yes, please be quick because it seems that this may not be able to last more than a week from now. Some guy just need to have this purchased asap to have it displayed in his own personal cabinet real soon.


18th March 2007 @ Sunday

"Full Vallejo Restock!"

We have received a new batch of Vallejo Model Color Series restocking and this continued our policy of 99.9% rack filled!

On the other hand, we are expecting to receive our new Pegaso figurines restock and limited qty of SOL Model figurines soon.. One of the absolutely eye-catchy Pegaso items would be the below 90mm SS Artillery Sturmbanfhurer, France 1944.

Pegaso 90-041

By the way, the current 3-column frameset layout design was pretty well received! Thanks guys for the feedback. However, we like to inform you that there is a small IE6.0 bug (horizontal scroll bug) if you are now still using ver6.0. We recommended you to upgrade your browser to the latest IE7.0 or Firefox for the best visual effects.


16th March 2007 @ Friday

"Scrapbook Galleria Ver2.0"

We have been working hard behind the scene laying and re-laying our website outlook for the best visual impressions. Since we are recommending Tempus Sans ITC font with screen resolution of 1280 X 1064 for your best surfing experience, we found that something was not done right. Overall feel was too big but the empty space was not fully utilised on the right side of the screen...

1280*800 Screenshot

Looking at the above screenshot, you would see that this new revision has added a new scrollable frame on the right side of the site. In this case, we decided to restart our scrapbook galleries that were very popular for our old site even today! We love this new adjustment and we hope you would too!


15th March 2007 @ Thursday


Tasca Firefly

Think Tasca Modellismo, you would have recalled about their highly anticipated 1/35 Sherman Firefly that shocked the modelling world end of last year? Or perhaps you would have remembered their earlier ultimate "Luchs" kit?

It seems that any subject touched on by their golden fingers would easily be defined as THE industry standard. We have been informed that Tasca has already a few more new goodies under their sleeve for this year releases. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Today, we are happy to announce our promise for especially the armour freaks. The full range of Tasca 1/35 scale model products has landed for the first time in Singapore!


12th March 2007 @ Monday



Today is a good day to release this new info on this upcoming brand that we have arranged coming to town. As you can see from the above pic, they already have the F-15K Korean Slam Eagle, F-15I Ra'am, and the latest F-15E OIF conversion sets available! What's next, Singapore F-15SG??

Friends of IDF F-16 Sufa would be glad to know that there would be a better conversion set planned. Yeah, just after you have almost completed one with the over-acclaimed set available in the market...

Well, watch out soon for the next announcement for the armour freaks.


10th March 2007 @ Saturday

"A great taste of marvellous nordic edge in tropical island!"

Nordic Edge

The talented yet really humble guys at Sweden decided to showcase their works of miniature Art. With 300 beautiful photos squeezed into 148-page book, we are not going to miss it! Get ready for this special release here real soon! You have been notified...

This month, we are also ready to introduce another 2 more new brands (one for military aircraft freaks and one for armor guys) to the modelling community. So, keep a tab on the coming updates here, oh yes, check everyday if you have time!