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Past updates for January 2009


30th January 2009 @ Friday


We have an immediate incoming STORM invasion by the latest Academy IDF Merkava Mk 4. And these would be just in time for our STORMFEST launching on 1st Feb 2009! (VIPs, you CAN redeem your draw vouchers for this new kit too!)

You may want to pop by to get also a peek of your life on the yummy 1/72 Aussies/Canuck Hornets! 

We have also added a top page linkage for STORMFEST 2009 since it would span across the next 4 months.  


27th January 2009 @ Tuesday


This is it! STORMFEST 2009!

It would span a total of four months starting from 1st Feb 2009 until last day of May 2009.

 We would have a closed door special invitation to our VIPs and friends on the 31st Jan 2009 for exclusive offerings from us.

Now here is the juicy rewards of our luckydraw prizes! Over S$10,000.00 worth! Never before has any of our worthy competitors crazy enough to throw in something like this!


Details of the actual VIP Day are not possible for us to put it up here.

However, for the STORMFEST Draw which would be held on 31st May 2009, please check out the details below,

Every S$100.00 nett you spent during this period would be entitled one draw chance. The more you spend, the more chances you get!

What about discount? Yep, we got them covered. All items would be entitled 20% discount except nett priced items which would be given 10% discount

  And You print this and pass it to us during next your purchase visit during the STORMFEST period, we give u 5% more discount on the total bill.


21st January 2009 @ Wednesday


The Chinese New Year of OX is just round the corner! Hereby a warmest wishes to all a smooth year ahead.

Hope the above logo attracted you! We decided to include one Singapore Airlines (SQ) Return Airticket* to Hong Kong for one of the lucky guys. Afterall, we don't get to celebrate 10th Anniversary twice!

Now, we really like to re-stress that it is very important for you to leave your reachable contact number with us with your next purchase visit!

*(Ticket taxes and subcharges are not included)