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Past updates for January 2007


20th January 2007 @ Saturday

" Populating as we surf! "

Well, this update is much sooner than your expectation! What?! You actually thought we gonna hibernate a couple more months again? As you can see, we are still taking our own sweet time to decorate up and experimenting for stronger visual appeal. We hope this would make your future stay here visually more enchanting. We hope at this moment, we have convinced you that this is a pretty cool site to come back soon. As usual, we love any constructive feedbacks.

In the meantime, the new template for our products is ready and uploaded. Please click on our products as shown on top. Soon we would start putting items available in it. Something like below...


You got to admit, this is one hell of a miniature bust from another talented sculptor in Japan, Mr Hiroyuki Ishii. We have been warned by Mr Young to expect more of his works coming soon! Seriously, we cannot wait...


18th January 2007 @ Thursday

" Retooling in Progress"

We have not been very pleased with the last look and feel of this site, and more effort and time were needed to make it right. This new revised interface now feels better with consideration for quicker access to the diverse range of products we are planning to put up starting 2007. Oh, did we forget? Happy New Year!

While we keep on building this new site, take a look at the below 1/60 PG RX-78 Version KA built over a year using G-SYSTEM conversion set with BANDAI PG RX-78 skeleton. The guy who did this stunner is non other than Chen Kee Wui!

Kee Wui's G-SYS RX78 Ver KA!

We are truely honoured that this masterpiece is currently in our store (if you still have no idea we have a shop, please kindly refer to the left)! And if you have not seen this work face to face, you are seriously missing out the right stuff!