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Past updates for December 2008


26th December 2008 @ Friday


We are in the final stage of compiling all our TRUE* customers contactable numbers for the coming STORMFEST launch. If you have been supporting us but never leave us any way to get back Or you plan to purchase something from us until the actual start, please do leave your reachable contact number with us in your next visit.

It is very important for us to include you in our 10th Anniversary because this celebration is designed specifically for you guys.    

*(Guys who actually decided to spend their money in our store.)


24th December 2008 @ Wednesday


We have no plans for any special Christmas or New Year Sales for this year since our 10th Anniversary STORMFEST celebration is coming up next. Though if you come by this few days, you would have an early peek to check out the latest Academy F-22 Raptor in stock and the expected arrival of another new Resin aftermarket brand in town. 

Anyway, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!