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Past updates for August 2008


17th August 2008 @ Sunday


Many customers rushed over when they saw our big red banner below as if they are gonna get another round of fat discounts for model purchases. We re-looked at our simple logo and believe this could be the basic instinct of scale modellers. A great portion of imagination and expectation?

Well, let your imagination runs even wilder and bolder!


9th August 2008 @ Saturday


A delicious event prelude to our 10th Anniversary this "Mayday".  


4th August 2008 @ Monday

"Happy BirthDay, SINGAPORE!"

A jolly good chance came for me to test my New Panasonic Lumix TZ15 with my trusty monopod when I received a free preview ticket to last Saturday's NDP08 full dress rehearsal! Come this Saturday, it would be another year for our young nation.

Happy Birthday, Singapore!  

Additional stretchy images HERE, HERE & HERE!

Enjoy the pics...