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Past updates for August 2009


8th April 2009 @ Wednesday


Another much anticipated kit by the upcoming Ukraine based manufacturer MINIART in stock! We have received probably the largest shipment of MINIART to date, so the next couple of days would be jam packed. Please excuse the mess!

On the other hand, we received also the complete restock for MIG Productions, inlcuding the NEW Fantasy series pigments. Probably not for the Gundam purists, but certainly handy for the FALKE guy RIGHT below. 

Just what is really going on with us? So many new stuff in span of only weeks! 

Simply STORMFEST 09!

Let's see what else we are planning to bring in May?    


4th April 2009 @ Saturday


The anticipation of a complete new tooling by Hasegawa for the Ma.K series has been extremely gruelling since their official announcement. Now the horrifying size of this FALKE box and the marvellous detailing of this kit would literally SUCK you breathless!

We kid You Not (WKUN)! 


1st April 2009 @ Wednesday


The Days of Sufa War has begun! Of course, other than the 2 known manufacturers (one as above) getting excited to get into this battle, the latest intel we received are that 2 other major players are also preparing to engage in the tussle of this SUFA supremancy in the world of "plasticology".

A closer inspection of the newly tooled Conformal Fuel Tanks & Dorsal Spine from this Hasegawa kit has confirmed that this is NOT the competitior you want to mess around with. The details are much better and accurate!