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Past updates for April 2007


24th April 2007 @ Tuesday

"Not Tamagotchi but Tachikoma "

Ghost In The Shell


We received some small but cool shipment of assorted brands from our Japanese friends. Included are some awesome Wave's releases on the famous Ghost In The Shell anime series.

Also came with the shipment are partial restock of Hasegawa 1/48th scale modern aircraft series that we have sold out last couple of rounds. One good example would be the ultra fast selling 1/48 X48-08 smart weapon set! Catch it before they disappeared again...

On the other hand, due to the delay on one particular new kit release that we are preparing to promote, our April shipment of the planned 40 to 50 cartons of incoming stock would be pushed back to May 2007. Who knows, we may bumped it to 60 cartons for the sake of the local community with some additional variety added in.


15th April 2007 @ Sunday

"Forum Deal"

Due to the unexpected forum community server upgrading by, those who received our sms message yesterday would still entitled for the special online deal today by flashing to us the sms we sent. The validity of the deal would only limited to today (15th April 2007) during our store opening hours.

As we have the records of whom we sent, we cannot entertain those who came forward with theirs reforwarded by their friends.


10th April 2007 @ Tuesday

"Around the Corner"

We have been notified that our immediate 14 full cartons shipment are due to arrive any moment! We have pledged to our customers earlier that we like to support their dream that we would have the full complete range of Gunze Mr Color Series to take care of their modelling needs instead of having to go to some other competitors to buy them.

Well, we keep our promise to them and we would be flooding our store with lots of Gunze Mr Color Series. If you have been to our store recently, you would have see the huge Gunze rack? Yes, they would be filled up 100%.

On the other hand, we have created a new forum community for our friends and customers to share and discuss, of course not to mention regular special sales from us! This would be private and by invitation only. Watch your sms.

All previous updates have also been neatly tucked into our past updates page. Have a look!


4th April 2007 @ Wednesday

"April's cool"

Without disclosing too much on what's coming in for the month of April at this moment, we are eagerly looking forward to our current planned order schedule in the process.

The first mini shipment arrival would have around 14 cartons, and right on their tail another 40 to 50 cartons expected for 2nd shipment with some new brands acquired along the way.

The faq page has been briefly started earlier on. More would be added as time goes by.

By the way, some guys hinted to us that Mr T may go put out a shrunken Mudhen by this year. We love that rumour and pray that it is actually a real deal. Thinking back, why not also consider their Rhino? Pretty much why April's cool and not April's fool...